The Skinny On Why Co-Working Spaces Are Great For Freelances

With one out of three workers in the United States considering themselves freelancers, it’s really not surprising that more and more offices are being repurposed as co-working spaces for freelancers. While all freelancers know about the benefits of being around other people while working, as against working at home in their pajamas, these benefits are not just in their minds.

As a matter of fact, according to the Harvard Business Review in a report published in 2015, co-working spaces provide different ways for freelancers to thrive. The key here is feeling that they are part of a community.

We really do not need to tell you, but freelancing and working at home can make one feel isolated and it’s easy to let oneself go, like no toothbrushing and not doing other hygienic stuff. Freelancing and sharing the same space with other freelancers, though, forces one to get up and get dressed. More importantly, it forces them to talk to people.

This actually makes them more productive as they can live off the energies of other people while not getting caught up in petty office politics. Also, working in a co-working area also reduces the cost of working at home. You can be a freelancer even if you do not have WiFi or even a computer at home, which is unlikely in this day and age, but it does tell you what co-working spaces offer freelancers.

Are you looking for a place to work because you find working at home boring and working at Starbucks a little too noisy? You can definitely benefit from pooling your resources with other freelancers and creating a co-working space. There are, however, existing office spaces that are looking for people just like you. You just need to look for them.



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